Non surgical options

Is surgery the only treatment?

There are other recommended options that consist of exercises and/or device that can help to improve symptoms, particularly in mild cases, where surgery could be avoided, and in advanced cases, alongside surgical treatment.

Pelvic floor exercises: These will always be recommended, even when the patient undergoes surgery. These specific pelvic floor exercises improve muscle tone and function. For the majority of cases, the patient will need to be instructed by pelvic floor specialists, as 60% of patients don’t know where to locate the muscle or contract it.

Once learnt, the exercises are simple and should be performed frequently.

Pessary: The pessary is a non surgical option. It’s a device that looks like a ring, which is inserted inside of the vagina to keep the organs in the correct position. You can maintain a normal lifestyle with a pessary and even have intercourse.

Since it is a foreign body, it is necessary to take some precautions, such as weekly vaginal douching and taking care of the vaginal mucous through the use of special creams. You will also have semestral check-ups with a specialist.

Not every woman can tolerate a pessary. The pessary may be expelled from the body immediately or a few days after insertion, depending on the form of the vagina and vulva.

You can maintain a normal lifestyle with a pessary and even have intercourse, although it does require semestral check-ups with a specialist.

Natalia Gennaro, expert gynecologist, specialised in laparoscopic surgery and the pelvic floor.