Do all of these dysfunctions have solutions?

Sexual problems can be the result of physical and/or emotional factors.

When an organic problem is diagnosed, it can usually be treated. These problems include: hormonal imbalances, nerve blockages, insufficient blood flow, muscle spasms and muscle tension.

The psychological aspects that contribute to sexual dysfunction in women are:

sexual trauma, problems derived from stress, communication problems with your partner concerning sex, conflicting levels of desire, problems derived from long periods of inactivity and problems derived from infidelity. These can be treated with sexual therapy.

It is important to assess factors such as the couple’s relationship, level of communication and the woman’s level of satisfaction.

It is important to fully evaluate the individual’s personal, family and sexual history to identify all possible causes.

It is also necessary to clarify that there are women who believe they have a dysfunction but, in reality, the problem is related to dissatisfaction with the manner and the times in which the sexual relationships take place.