Don’t let discomfort reduce your quality of life

Urine leakage

If you have pass urine when you laugh, cough, sneeze, do exercise or frequently don't make it to the bathroom in time and it affects your quality of life, you should be treated.

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Sexual dysfunctions

Many people think that their sexual problems are unique, which makes them feel embarrassed, but any sexual difficulty that prevents enjoyment of sexual activity should be treated by professionals.

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Depression and anxiety

Every woman reacts differently to problems with the pelvic floor, which can often provoke anxiety and depression. The interrelation between the human body and the psyche must be attended to.

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Chronic pelvic pain

Chronic pelvic pain can have a big impact on the patient's quality of life. Its multiple factors and complexity should be recognised and treated with a biopsychosocial approach.

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Vaginal prolapse

Prolapse affects all pelvic functions and has a negative effect on the patient's day-to-day life and psycho-social aspects, such as body image. These effects should be treated.

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I can help you


Natalia Gennaro, expert gynecologist, specialised in laparoscopic surgery and the pelvic floor

Hello, I’m Natalia Gennaro, gynaecologist, expert in pelvic medicine and laparoscopic & reconstructive surgery.
The pelvic floor is considered one of the most difficult areas of knowledge in the field of medicine, however, my intense dedication and strong and innovative clinical surgical training allow me to have a deep understanding of various problems with the pelvic floor, as well as the implementation of the latest and most effective treatment tools in urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, sexual disorders or cosmetic gynecology.

I am an expert in advanced reconstructive and functional surgery and i masterfully perform uniques surgeries, by laparoscopic or vaginal route, using the most advanced medical technologies.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of all possible cases
  • Understanding of effect on quality of life
  • I am able to treat your case specifically

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Natalia Gennaro Della Rossa

Ask for a consultation. I’d be more than happy to help you.

Women who can improve their quality of life


have urinary incontinence


have a sexual dysfunction


have chronic pelvic pain


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have gynecological disorders

Satisfied clients

I owe my life to Dr Gennaro. I suffered a uterine rupture during childbirth and I was lucky enough to be operated on by her. Not only did she save my life, but she fought and succeeded in also saving my uterus, therefore giving me the opportunity to be a mother again.
As far as I know, few surgeons are as skilled in this type of high-risk operations. She really gave it her all and endured the tremendous stress of the situation. With a doubt, she is an exemplary doctor and a woman who is extremely dedicated to her patients’ treatment.
Henar Cabrero de la Calle
Natalia Gennaro has a humane and caring approach towards her patients, but, most importantly, she is an excellent professional.
Thanks to her, after 10 years of trying to get pregnant and more than 12 different treatments, I was able to fall pregnant naturally.
We didn’t just have monthly check-ups, she made sure everything was perfect and eased our worries and fears.
That’s just the way she is.
Katy and Daniela
I met Natalia by chance, or was not it? I accompanied a friend one day, who was nervous about receiving some test results. With a very reassuring tone, she dedicated the time it took to explain everything to us. Just by looking at her I felt a sense of humanity and peace. She was a DOCTOR. In capital letters. A tireless student. A researcher and innovator, with outstanding character and a love for her profession and her many patients.
That year, doctors discovered a giant cyst in my ovaries. She performed the surgery. The cyst was hiding a malignant tumour and it was Natalia who delivered the news to me. It was a very painful moment, but Natalia told me with such love that, instead of being scared, she gave me strength to carry on. Today, I’m healthy, happy and immensely grateful that Dr. Gennaro, or Naty, as I call her, came into my life.
Naty is able to make your experience with an illness different. You could be the smartest person in the world, an impeccable surgeon, but if you’re not able to look into your patient’s eyes and explain to them how and why, then there’s no use. She does all of this.
Thank you, Naty, from the bottom of my heart.
Noelia Noto